Our Company

Since 1988, American Clearinghouse (ACH) has been on the leading edge of change and innovation in the data mapping, database marketing, and mailing list business.

We provide a host of data and marketing solutions ranging from list generation to direct mail and custom mapping.

Direct Mailing Lists

Connect with promising prospects by finding the right direct mailing lists for your products or services.

Take advantage of advanced mapping technology to get instant counts and buy mailing lists online now.

Marketing Reports

Use our online marketing tools to profile existing customers or analyze areas for potential prospects.

You reports are delivered electronically in just minutes.


ACH offers a level of geographic capabilities and solutions among the most sophisticated in the industry. All our maps are custom produced to meet each customer's specific needs.

Online Tools We offer a host of online tools to facilitate relationships with our customers.


Recent News

Brilliant Marketing
April 29, 2013 - 25 years of marketing specifically to the pizza category provides ACH with the experience and expertise to know who buys pizza, how much, and how often! But we will take your customers and model and score them so you will get the optimum return on your marketing dollar investment. more >
Severe Weather Mailing Lists now Online
March 1, 2013 - Come to the rescue of customers when they need you the most. ACH now offers near real-time severe weather mailing lists online! Within minutes you can target households who have experienced severe weather going back as far as 6 months. more >

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